​January 14, 2014
Government Waste on Display Today in Wisconsin
Government Handout to Political Donor, Voucher School Closes Without Educating Students, Wisconsin Federal Dollars Handed Over to Another State
MADISON – In Wisconsin today, government waste was on full display by those in power.  In the state Senate, legislation to give $217,000 to a Republican senator's political donor passed despite objections from Senate Democrats. The state Senate also passed additional fix-it legislation to right Governor Walker's health care wrongs, costing taxpayers more to cover fewer people.  In Milwaukee, more than $200,000 Wisconsin taxpayer dollars were wasted after a voucher school closed "in the dead of night," returning the students to their traditional, public schools without the necessary funding to educate them.
"Today, Wisconsin taxpayers were swindled," said Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson. "On the Senate floor, GOP Senators returned the favor of political contributions with a $217,000 government-funded payment. Appeasing the governor's Tea Party agenda, GOP legislators also continued to charge state taxpayers more in order to provide health care coverage for fewer Wisconsinites."
"Meanwhile, in Milwaukee, news broke that $200,000 in state taxpayer funds were wasted after a private, voucher school closed, without educating the children and without returning the funding. Wisconsin taxpayers are footing the bill for two separate and unequal school systems, and now one of the systems is pocketing taxpayer dollars. Had Wisconsin passed voucher accountability measures, taxpayer dollars would not have been treated so frivolously."