September 4, 2014


Federal Government Steps in for Wisconsinites Kicked Off BadgerCare by Wisconsin GOP
MADISON – Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson released the following statement regarding the federal government announcing a special enrollment period for 38,000 BadgerCare recipients who were forced into a coverage gap after their insurance was terminated by Governor Walker’s short-sighted health care experiment:
“Today’s welcome announcement once again highlights how the health care experiment of Gov. Walker and Wisconsin Republicans has failed our state’s families. It’s unfortunate that Governor Walker and his administration failed to ensure our neighbors had the health care they deserve after kicking them off of BadgerCare.
“Such action by the feds would have been unnecessary had Wisconsin Republicans listened to repeated calls from citizens to bring our federal investments back to Wisconsin, allowing Wisconsin to increase access to BadgerCare coverage for 87,000 more Wisconsinites while saving $500 million over the next 3.5 years.  
“The fact is that strengthening Wisconsin’s BadgerCare program, while saving taxpayer dollars along the way, is not only common sense, but also the moral thing to do. Increasing access to quality, affordable health care for our family, friends, and neighbors is crucial to ensuring that we all have the freedom to pursue healthy and productive lives.”
The recently announced special enrollment period for Wisconsinites that were needlessly kicked off of BadgerCare begins today and concludes on November 2, 2014.