June 18, 2013
Statement on WEDC Reform, Venture Capital Passage
MADISON – The following is a statement of Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson on the passage of WEDC reform and the creation of a venture capital fund.
"After last week's highly divisive session day that failed to address job creation while hurting Wisconsin women, the majority party came back to their senses. Both bills on the floor today were a small step forward in our fight to turn Wisconsin's economy around from 44th in the nation in job growth.
"Both pieces of legislation were nowhere near perfect. More transparency and accountability should be mandated to provide Wisconsin taxpayers with the assurance that their money is not being wasted. Although amendments ensuring accountability and transparency were rejected, Senate Democrats will continue to be tax dollar watchdogs of WEDC and the venture capital fund. Our priority is the creation of family-sustaining jobs, not rewarding political allies.
"It is the hope of Senate Democrats and people across Wisconsin that Senate Republicans remember the needs of middle-class families later this week by keeping job creation front and center as we take up the state budget."
# # #