​July 23, 2013
Statement of Senate Democratic Leader Larson on the Signing of Basic WEDC Ethics Requirement
MADISON – The following is a statement of Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson on the signing of a basic ethical requirement of WEDC Board Members and staff to notify counsel if a conflict of interest arises with a company bidding, negotiating or entering into business with WEDC.
"When WEDC was first created, Senate Democrats introduced many amendments to put common sense oversight and ethics standards in place safeguarding Wisconsin taxpayer dollars. This legislation only inches Wisconsin forward in the fight to turn our economy around, when we could be making leaps and bounds with the 'Middle-Class Jobs Now' package that Democrats presented in January. Senate Republicans have instead focused on divisive social issues that do nothing to help Wisconsin's working, middle-class families.
"Still in the bottom half of states for job growth, Senate Democrats will continue to fight for more transparency and oversight at the failing, Republican-controlled job creation agency because Wisconsin families cannot afford to pay for a reckless, ineffective WEDC. Our job agency’s priority must be on the creation of family-sustaining jobs, not rewarding political allies."