​June 21, 2013
Statement on the Passage of a Tea Party Giveaway Budget
MADISON – Today, Senate Republicans forced through a special interest budget that bows to the demands of the most extreme Tea Party factions while ignoring the needs of Wisconsin's middle class.
"The passage of this extreme, anti-middle class, anti-Wisconsin budget will dig our state deeper into a values deficit. Private schools over public schools, wealthy taxpayers over middle-class taxpayers, and Tea Party extremism over saving tax dollars for more healthcare coverage. This budget is fiscally unsound and morally wrong.
"The argument for the voucher program because it drives competition is the equivalent of arguing to give $1 billion to Minnesota for economic development because it will drive up competition for Wisconsin. Voucher schools are a failed experiment that is now being forced upon families across our state for corporate special interest gain.
"Wisconsin families striving to enter the middle class depend on the security of access to affordable healthcare. Senate Republicans dashed the hopes of families across Wisconsin who would have gained access to Wisconsin’s successful BadgerCare program while saving the state $120 million. Ignoring the 'Welcome' mat in front of my office, Senate Republicans chose to bow to Tea Party demands.
"As Wisconsin continues to fight back from the Walker Recession, this budget doesn't change direction from the failed course set in the last budget. Families struggling to make ends meet lost big in this budget, while the Tea Party hit the jackpot."