February 27, 2013​


Statement on Senate Passage of a Partisan, Open-pit Mining Bill

MADISON – The following is a statement from Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson on today’s passage of SB1.
“Senate Republicans failed Wisconsin’s middle-class families tonight.
“A bipartisan mining reform bill was introduced as an amendment that would have provided both certainty in the permitting process and would have protected our waterways and local economies. Unfortunately, it was rejected by Republicans. Another amendment to maintain regulation of bodies of waters was introduced, but it was also rejected by Republicans. An amendment to ensure the proposed mine will not endanger public health, safety, or welfare was introduced, but again, it was rejected by Republicans.
“After continuing to reject common sense amendments to this unworkable, extreme open pit mining bill, Wisconsin Republican’s priorities are clearly not balanced. I am disappointed that our colleagues across the aisle chose special interests over Wisconsin’s working families. Instead of addressing these concerns head on, these problems were punted and will almost surely be addressed by the courts.”