September 17, 2013



Statement of Senate Democratic Leader Larson on the Repeal of Tenant Rights 
MADISON – The following is a statement of Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson on the repeal of key tenant rights.
“After passing regressive legislation related to jobs, education, and health care earlier this session, Senate Republicans are now attacking the rights of Wisconsin tenants. The legislation passed today will strongly benefit powerful landlords by allowing them to take money out of security deposits or charge tenants for bedbug infestations or code violations for which they may not be responsible. Further, this bill supersedes local ordinances, getting in the way of local control.
“Most abhorrently, this law would have provided landlords with the tools to evict victims of domestic violence, robbery, rape, or other crimes if that crime occurred at their residence. It is sad to see that those in charge were more than willing to treat victims like criminals by throwing them out on the street after reporting a crime. Fortunately, this heartless provision was removed at the last minute thanks to the efforts of Senate Democrats and an amendment authored by Senator Erpenbach.”