May 29, 2013


Statement on JFC Passage of Extreme Anti-Worker Policy
MADISON – The following is a statement of Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson on passage of extreme anti-employment policy by Joint Finance Committee Republicans.
“Once again Republican JFC members have used the budget to force extreme, anti-middle class policy on the state of Wisconsin. Refusing to respect recommendations of the longstanding, bipartisan Unemployment Insurance Council for the third time in two years, Republicans in JFC passed policies that will raise taxes on construction and manufacturing companies and hurt Wisconsin workers affected by Wisconsin’s stagnant job growth.
“The broad nature of these unemployment reforms simply kicks Wisconsin workers when they’re already down. The Republican policy changes allow an employer to fire an employee without the possibility to recoup their unemployment benefits for something as simple as their car getting towed. Wisconsin workers should not be punished for the failed policies of this administration resulting in Wisconsin’s ranking of 44th in the nation in job growth.”