June 5, 2013

Statement on JFC Budget
MADISON – The following is a statement of Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson on today's flawed Republican priorities.
"In the wee hours this morning, while most Wisconsinites were fast asleep, Republican JFC members forced through a budget that hurts Wisconsin's middle-class families. At 1:20 a.m., Senate and Assembly Joint Finance Committee members presented their extreme education agenda that expands taxpayer funded vouchers for private schools statewide while continuing to underfund community public schools. They also announced a tax plan that gives huge tax breaks for Wisconsin's wealthiest, but only pennies to Wisconsin's middle-class families who are struggling the most in Governor Walker's lagging economy.
"After the fewest Joint Finance Committee budget hearings since 1985, Republican JFC members failed to listen to the priorities of Wisconsin's middle-class families. Had they truly listened, as my Democratic colleagues and I did at over 20 town halls, public hearings, and kitchen table discussions held across our state this spring, Republicans would've invested our kid’s schools, in providing primary healthcare and in creating good-paying jobs.
"Make no mistake, the budget that emerged from the Republican controlled Joint Finance Committee at 6:00 in the morning today is bursting with special interest giveaways and anti-middle class provisions. The biggest winners in the dark of night budget were those who could afford to pay lobbyists to be in the Capitol's backrooms. Wisconsinites may have been asleep while Republicans turned their backs on them, but they won’t be asleep any longer."
# # #