September 25, 2013
Statement of Senate Democratic Leader Larson on Governor’s Jobs Package
MADISON – The following is a statement of Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson on the governor’s recently released jobs package.
“After three years of failure at WEDC and ignoring our state’s problems, I hope this means that Governor Walker and legislative Republicans are finally realizing that divisive policies and political games is not a winning strategy for creating jobs in Wisconsin. Democrats have been urging the GOP to adopt proven job creation methods, such as investing in current and future generations of Wisconsin workers through job training and education. We are encouraged to see that they are finally deciding to join us in focusing on job creation.
“This anticipated change of course from caustic to common sense by Republicans will be a breath of fresh air. However, displaced workers should not celebrate just yet, since at least one of the proposals included in this jobs package was introduced previously, but unanimously rejected by legislative Republicans. Given the track record and broken promises of Wisconsin’s GOP, this is a time to be optimistic, but cautious. For the sake of Wisconsin’s future, I hope they remain focused on jobs and aren’t side-tracked by pursuing more divisive legislation or rewarding their special interest allies yet again.”