April 9, 2013
Statement on Equal Pay Day
MADISON – The following is a statement of Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson on Equal Pay Day.
“Today, Wisconsin celebrates the many strides forward Wisconsin has taken toward workforce equality, but we also recognize the miles we have to go before true equality is achieved. Pay discrimination continues to be a persistent problem with Wisconsin women earning, on average, $10,000 less than their male counterparts each year. $10,000 is a down payment on a house, a family car, or a couple years of college tuition in our state.
“200,000 households in Wisconsin are headed by women and nearly half of all mothers in Wisconsin are their family’s primary earner. But last session, the Senate Republicans passed, and the Governor signed, legislation to repeal equal pay enforcement in Wisconsin, which was a harsh blow to the fight for equality and a stronger middle class. Reinstating corrective measures to close this wage disparity would provide Wisconsin families with a much needed economic boost as they work to join or remain in Wisconsin’s middle class.
“There is no doubt; the fight for equal pay is a fight for a stronger middle class and a better Wisconsin.”