January 15, 2013


Senate Democratic Leader Larson's Statement on Governor Walker’s State of the State Address

MADISON – The following is a statement from Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson on Governor Walker’s State of the State address.
“Tonight we heard again a refusal to admit the most basic fact: Wisconsin is in a state of crisis. Put simply we need jobs and job training now.
“While the rest of the country is moving forward by adding jobs, Wisconsin’s policies have left us floundering in quicksand and unable to progress. Just last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed Wisconsin had the lowest job creation rate in the region, tied for 42nd lowest nationally. Wisconsin’s working families are depending on us to put immediate job creation efforts first.
“Creating more jobs in our state requires us to invest in our next generation of workers to ensure they have the necessary skills for the jobs available. Wisconsin currently has a skills gap, which has left 35,000 existing jobs unfilled despite high unemployment.
“It’s our challenge to fully restore the $1 billion in devastating cuts to education by investing those dollars in Superintendent Evers’ Fair Funding for Our Future proposal.
“Family, friends, and neighbors across Wisconsin are pinching pennies and re-evaluating their financial choices, and we must be prepared to do the same. From the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to the contract with Logisticare, it’s time to open the curtains and shine the light on government spending.
“Wisconsin Democrats are ready to do the work of the people this session and urge our Republican colleagues to join us in fighting for the middle class. From jobs to education to transparency and accountability, there are plenty of common sense solutions we can agree on to improve the lives of all Wisconsinites.”