May 22, 2013
Statement Calling for Increasing Funding by $275 per Student
MADISON – The following is a statement of Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson on the Democratic Joint Finance Committee members call to increase public school funding by $275 per student, eliminate the expansion of unaccountable private voucher school funding and providing property tax relief to residents with the money saved eliminating the voucher expansion.
“After the historic cuts to education funding in the last budget, increasing per pupil spending by $275 is a modest request. While an additional $275 per student at our neighborhood, public schools will not fill the $1.6 billion hole created in the last budget, it is a step in the right direction.
“We must take this opportunity to invest in our future. In these contentious times, we should invest in the one thing we agree on. Wisconsin’s next engineers, teachers and doctors are in our K-12 classrooms now, we must make the necessary investments now to ensure their success and in turn, the success of Wisconsin.”