June 25, 2013
Senate Democrats Send Letter to Governor Requesting Veto of Voucher Expansion, Weakening BadgerCare, Tax Break for Wealthy
MADISON – Today, Democratic senators submitted a letter to Governor Walker requesting he use his line-item veto power to make this a budget for Wisconsin's middle-class families. Delivered to the governor's office today, the letter calls for the following to be vetoed in full:
  • Statewide expansion of the private voucher school program;
  • Allowing pupils who live outside of Milwaukee and Racine to participate in those voucher programs with no limits;
  • Creation of an individual income tax deduction for private school tuition;
  • Expansion of the Department of Administration's authority to sell or lease state-owned property;
  • Allowing commercial bail bond agents and agencies to operate in Wisconsin;
  • Prohibiting the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism from partnering with the University of Wisconsin;
  • Modification of the product liability law related to lead paint; and
  • Codification of the temporary changes to the state Medical Assistance program made by the Department of Health Services under 2011 Act 32.
"The governor still has the opportunity to make this into a truly middle-class budget by eliminating provisions that we heard at our listening sessions across the state would hurt Wisconsin's middle-class families," said Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson. "From the legalization of bail bondsmen to the creation of an income tax deduction for wealthy parents to send their children to private schools, this budget does little for average Wisconsin families. Furthermore, we call on the governor to ignore the pleas of the voucher lobbyists and eliminate the entire private school voucher expansion, not just the caps currently in place. Governor Walker can take a step toward bipartisanship by vetoing these extreme budget provisions."