June 12, 2013
Republicans Silence Wisconsin Women to Pass Extreme Bill
Senate Republicans Cut off Senate Debate on Mandatory Ultrasounds, Call Debate "Theatrics"
MADISON – Today, Senate Republicans silenced the voices of hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin women in their efforts to force them to undergo unnecessary, invasive ultrasounds before receiving a safe and legal abortion.
Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson made the following comment after the Senate President gaveled away the opposition.
"Senate Republicans should be ashamed of themselves today. Senate Republicans stooped to personal attacks over a divisive, anti-women bill even calling a fellow senator's personal story of sexual assault 'theatrics.'
"Not only did Republicans make this debate personal, they abused their majority power to end debate, barring Wisconsin Senators from arguing against mandating this invasive procedure. Senate Republicans may have callously silenced the voices of women today, but the voices of women in Wisconsin will not and cannot be silenced forever. This debate is not over."