November 12, 2013
On Final Day of Fall Session, GOP Fails to Deliver Jobs while Ending 124 Years of Judicial Precedent
MADISON – Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson released the following statement regarding the final state Senate session day that ended 124 years of judicial precedent while ignoring true job creation legislation that has been waiting for a vote since February.
"On the last session day in 2013, Senate GOP members failed to deliver for Wisconsin's middle-class families," said Senate Democratic Leader Larson. "Despite Wisconsin's ranking of 37th in the nation in job growth, Senate GOP members chose to act on a political power grab of changing the manner in which the chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court is selected. While legislation that would truly help create jobs for Wisconsin's middle-class families waits in limbo without consideration, Senate GOP members have chosen to insert politics into Wisconsin's highest court and break 124 years of judicial precedent."
"On the last day of session in 2013, extreme power grabs again beat out job creation for the top GOP priority."