April 23, 2013
New DPI Report Confirms Voucher Dollars are Wasted on Inferior Schools
Milwaukee Public Schools out-perform voucher funded private schools in math, reading

MADISON – Today, Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction released a report confirming what has been a familiar notion: voucher schools do not provide a superior education to our neighborhood public schools.
Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson commented on the Department of Public Instruction report that Milwaukee voucher schools continue to underperform compared to Milwaukee Public Schools saying, “This unaccountable experiment on our children has failed. Scoring lower in math and reading than their public counterparts, voucher schools in Wisconsin have done a disservice to future Wisconsin workers.”
“After 20 years of report after report showing underperformance, the logical reaction would be to institute accountability measures to private schools receiving taxpayer funded vouchers, not expand them without reforms. As property taxes continue to rise while reading and math scores remain low, Wisconsin’s middle-class families are the unlucky sponsors of a gamble with the education of our children.”
A link to the Department of Public Instruction report can be found here .