July 2, 2013
Investment in our Public Schools an Illusion as GOP Budget Again Reduces Funding
MADISON – Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson released the following statement regarding new statistics released from the Department of Public Instruction regarding funding for Wisconsin's public schools:
"Just two days after the budget was signed, the supposed increase for Wisconsin's neighborhood, public schools was disproven by the facts. The Department of Public Instruction released new information showing that over half of Wisconsin's 424 public school districts would again receive less state funding under Senate GOP leadership.
"From Sturgeon Bay to Dodgeville, Balsam Lake to Union Grove, the kids in our neighborhood, public schools are going to continue to struggle for their teacher's attention in crowded classrooms; the same way they are struggling at the Capitol to gain attention during extreme, single-party rule.
"If Wisconsin is ever going to turn our economy around and emerge from the bottom half of states in job growth, we must invest in the next generation to ensure they have the skills to compete in a 21st century economy. A strong workforce starts with a strong education system."