June 30, 2013
Governor Walker Signs Budget that Undermines Wisconsin Values
Budget Vetoes Fail to Improve Anti-Middle Class Budget
MADISON – Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson released the following statement regarding the Governor's signing of the extreme Tea Party budget:
"At first glance, Governor Walker provided a marginal amount of moderation to an extreme Tea Party budget that expands special interest giveaways while failing to help Wisconsin's working, middle-class families.
"The Governor's veto of bail bondsmen in Wisconsin may have eliminated the most obvious example of corruption in this budget, but the special interests that put millions into recent elections still received enormous payoff. The statewide voucher expansion, a healthcare plan that costs more but covers fewer people and a tax break for the wealthy that creates a deficit are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the attacks on Wisconsin's middle-class families. This budget is not fiscally sound.
"If Wisconsin is ever going to turn our economy around and emerge from the bottom half of states in job growth, we must invest in future generations of workers to ensure our children have the skill sets needed to compete in a 21st century economy. Unfortunately, this Tea Party budget provides the lowest per pupil increase in 20 years. We must provide Wisconsinites the security of a strong healthcare system and a true middle-class tax break that will help families in Governor Walker’s lagging economy.
"At every town hall, hearing and kitchen table discussion Democrats had in all corners of Wisconsin, these three issues continuously emerged as the most important to middle-class families.
"Despite this budget's far-reaching, destructive flaws, Senate Democrats will continue to fight for a secure middle-class economy, broader healthcare coverage and a stronger education system in Wisconsin."