December 19, 2013
GOP Creates Health Care Crisis, Rejects Democratic Plan to Save $109 Million
MADISON – Today, during the GOP-created health care crisis special session, Senate Republicans rejected amendments that would save the state $109 million in taxpayer funds while simultaneously providing 85,000 more Wisconsinites access to affordable health care. As Wisconsin's economy continues to lag behind our neighboring states, access to affordable health care for the poorest in Wisconsin provides them with important economic security.
"Today, Senate Republicans chose to perpetuate a wasteful policy that will delay access to affordable health care for some of Wisconsin’s poorest workers," said Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson. "The GOP refusal to accept federal taxes paid by Wisconsinites will cost the state $109 million over the biennium. If Senate Republicans were focused on the facts, not Tea Party politics, the decision to strengthen BadgerCare would have been the obvious choice. It's unfortunate that GOP priorities are on politics, not people."