October 8, 2013
Bureaucratic Bills Attacking Community Volunteers' Ethics Pass with GOP Support
MADISON – On the floor of the Wisconsin State Senate today, GOP legislators forced through unnecessary, bureaucratic legislation that adds more cumbersome regulations on neighborhood volunteers helping at local polling locations.
"On the floor of the Wisconsin State Senate today, GOP legislators attacked our neighbors who give their time to help their fellow Americans exercise their constitutionally-protected right to vote," said Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson. "Not only will these bills add unnecessary, duplicative bureaucracy for community volunteers at polling locations across the state, the new requirements will create long waits, longer lines and inevitability will disenfranchise eligible voters from exercising their right to vote without burden. Voting will become even harder for working Wisconsinites who need to find time to vote between work, school and family obligations."
"If Senate Republicans were truly interested in eliminating corruption in state government, they'd be addressing the legislative malfeasance that was recently uncovered by the media in the political payout of half a million dollars to a GOP front group in their current budget."