​December 13, 2013
Before Senate Votes on BadgerCare Coverage Shuffle, Answers Needed
MADISON – Today, Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson echoed Assembly Democratic Leader Barca's questions regarding implementation of Governor Walker's BadgerCare coverage shuffle.
Special session legislation, expected to be taken up in the Senate on December 19, will delay access until April 1 to BadgerCare for 83,000 low-income Wisconsinites who have already been notified they are eligible for coverage beginning January 1. With such a short window between passage of the legislation and its real life impacts, the governor should answer how he plans to communicate the delay in coverage to these Wisconsinites.
"Governor Scott Walker must explain how he intends to inform our fellow 83,000 Wisconsinites that he's blocking their health care coverage for three months," said Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson. "Before voting, Senate Republicans should join Senate Democrats in demanding answers as to exactly how Governor Walker will tell these people over the holidays that he's leaving them out in the cold with no health care coverage."
"Instead of shuffling Wisconsin's low-income families on and off BadgerCare, Governor Walker should show leadership in bucking the Tea Party demands for once. Accepting Wisconsin’s fair share of federal support to strengthen BadgerCare will cover an additional 85,000 neighbors while saving $86 million in this biennium. As in most cases, it really pays to help our fellow Wisconsinites try to reach the America Dream."