November 16, 2012​
Senate Democrats Urge Governor: “Do Not Pass Up Healthy Opportunity”
Encourage Governor Walker to Create Wisconsin-Specific Exchange
MADISON – Incoming Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson (D–Milwaukee) released the following statement in response to Governor Walker deferring implementation of health care reform to the federal government, despite bipartisan objections.
“Half a million Wisconsinites are currently without health insurance. With the federal health care reform law being ruled constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court and elections concluding, it’s time to work together on ensuring all Wisconsinites have access to quality, affordable health care coverage.
“We are disappointed that the governor has opted to punt this problem to someone else to solve as this is not the Wisconsin way. Wisconsin is unique with its own health care needs and we urge the governor to reconsider passing up this opportunity to create an individualized implementation plan for our state.
“Senate Democrats stand ready to work with Governor Walker and our legislative colleagues on creating a state-based health insurance exchange that will expand affordable health care access to the thousands of Wisconsinites who need it, and preserve our state’s strong regional health system.
“We are fortunate to have a strong health care system in Wisconsin with high-quality providers and one of the most competitive health insurance markets in the country. Senate Democrats remain committed to working in a bipartisan manner to protect the strengths of our health care system, while also allowing more children, families, and seniors to access quality, affordable health care in Wisconsin.”