September 20, 2012



Sen. Larson Supports Superintendent’s Vision for Neighborhood Schools  

Madison – Senator Chris Larson (D–Milwaukee) released the following statement today in response to Wisconsin Superintendent Tony Evers delivering the annual State of Education address, which detailed the reality Wisconsin’s schools are facing.
“Cuts to teachers and staff, school libraries, reading specialists, and special education are real and have not gone unnoticed by schools, students, and parents. However, neighborhood schools remain uncertain about their budgets for next year and the level of services they will be able to provide our children.
“We must stop forcing schools to balance their budgets on the backs of kids and working families. It’s time to change how we view education. To be pro-business, we must be pro-education. Rather than treating education funding as something expendable, we instead need to invest in remodeling our current education system.
“We can begin renovating by employing best practices in two key areas. First, we must fix our broken funding formula by implementing the superintendent’s “Fair Funding for Our Future.” This will fix funding flaws by increasing equity between low- and high-poverty areas and ensuring voucher funds follow the student.
“Second, it’s time to put a plan that has been around since I was 11 into action–holding all schools receiving taxpayer dollars accountable, including voucher schools. Through increased accountability measures, we will be able to evaluate student and school performance ensuring we are investing resources wisely and replicating our most successful learning institutions.
“While Governor Walker keeps trying to convince us that two plus two equals five, Tony Evers has proposed a plan that adds up. We can’t afford to keep following failed policies when we have common sense solutions right in front of us.”