​July 5, 2012


Sen. Larson, New Majority Look Forward

Madison – Senator Chris Larson (D–Milwaukee) joined Senate Democrats today in a press conference to call on defeated Senator Van Wanggaard (R–Racine) to concede so Wisconsin can move forward on economic development and job creation.
“It’s been exactly one month since the citizens of Racine County fired Sen. Wanggaard for not representing their interests while serving in Madison,” said Sen. Larson. “The people of Wisconsin cannot move forward until Sen. Wanggaard does the mature thing and recognizes the outcome that is painfully obvious to the rest of the state.”
At the conference, Senate Democrats emphasized their readiness to work for the people of Wisconsin and that Wisconsinites cannot afford to wait any longer for job growth. They confirmed that the only way to get Wisconsin moving in the right direction is for Republican leaders to honor the will of the people and respect the tradition of timely transitions of power. It is time that defeated Sen. Wanggaard realizes that even with the most expensive lawyers and spin-masters that money can buy, his loss in this fair election will stand.
“Senate Democrats want to get started on a special session to create jobs. Unfortunately, our state can’t move forward if we continue to replay former Sen. Wanggaard’s loss,” said Sen. Larson. “It’s time for us to park the partisan rhetoric and divisive tactics so we can do what is necessary to get Wisconsin caught up to the rest of the country on job growth.”