May 17, 2012
Sen. Larson Awarded for Supporting Women’s Rights
MADISON – Senator Chris Larson (D–Milwaukee) made the following statement today after Planned Parenthood presented him with the Rebecca C. Young Leadership Award honoring his commitment to stand up for women’s rights this session.
“We have just witnessed the greatest attack on Wisconsin’s women since before women’s suffrage was enacted. The attack on Wisconsin’s women this session has been unparalleled. Without any hesitation, the Governor and his rubberstamp legislators rolled back equal protection laws for women and limited their ability to seek justice for discrimination.
“As if those changes weren’t enough, we have seen regressive legislators continuing the heartless affront to women’s health in ending comprehensive sex education, interfering with doctor-patient relationships, obstructing access to contraception, eliminating funding for women’s health centers that provide life-saving services, and targeting teachers–a profession that consists of 70% women–as political scapegoats.
“Supporting the health and equality of our mothers, wives, sister, and daughters should not be limited to a single holiday, like Mother’s Day. Rather it is something that requires steadfast commitment every day. I believe that women should be treated equally, and with respect and dignity. I will continue my unwavering support for women’s rights on behalf of our neighbors across the state and will diligently strive to undo the damage that has already been done.”