May 16, 2012


Fresh Out of the Oven – Walker’s Cooked Numbers

Madison – Today, Governor Walker announced a set of imaginary jobs numbers concocted to detract away from his failed leadership, which has caused Wisconsin to be last in the nation for job creation by losing 12,500 jobs from January 2011 to January 2012.
State Senator Chris Larson (D–Milwaukee) released the following statement today in response to Governor Walker releasing his cooked numbers.

“Governor Walker has spent so much time away from Wisconsin sipping wine with millionaires and eating caviar with billionaires that he has forgotten our state values honesty and responsibility. Instead of offering a recipe for economic recovery, Governor Walker is now giving us cooked books. This governor’s break from the reality of his utter failure to build our economy would be laughable if Wisconsin were not mired in crisis.
“There is a reason why no other state has adopted Governor Walker’s method for calculating job growth – it is faulty and inaccurate. His numbers do not account for people who have stopped searching for a job, have had unemployment benefits expire, are forced to work in a neighboring state, or are underemployed. 
“Wisconsin needs a leader committed to spurring real economic growth, not one willing to resort to Wall Street math to cover-up main street problems.”