March 7, 2012
A Bipartisan Mining Proposal Can and Must Proceed
Madison – State Senator Chris Larson (D–Milwaukee) released the following statement today in response to the Senate voting unanimously to continue working on ferrous mining legislation by referring it back to the Joint Finance Committee.
“It’s unfortunate that Governor Walker and his rubberstamp Republican legislators spent the first year of session stripping away the rights of Wisconsinites and passing policies that led to six straight months of job loss. As a result, they have left the important issue of increasing mining jobs in Wisconsin until the last minute, which has significantly hampered progress on this complicated issue.
“Despite the actions of Republicans, a compromise can and must be reached. We still have the opportunity to move Wisconsin forward by passing legislation that will make our state an attractive investment for all mining companies. It’s time to end the mine games. The majority in the Senate and I stand ready to pass a responsible, long-term compromise.
“A bipartisan bill is still available that will give prospective companies the necessary tools to create much-needed jobs across the state. I have signed on in support of this proposal that respects our workers, prospective businesses, and culture of conservation.
“If a bill is not adopted before the legislative session ends on March 15, we must continue to strive for the passage of a bipartisan compromise. We cannot let Walker’s failed leadership to continue holding us back from the rest of the country in terms of job growth and economic development.”