March 3, 2011
Senate Democrats Work Towards Compromise Despite Intimidation by Walker, Fitzgerald
Madison – Senate Republican Scott Fitzgerald signed orders to allow the apprehension and forceful return of Senate Democrats, even as Democrats continue efforts to work with Senate Republican moderates on a compromise that removes the attack on workers’ rights from the Budget Adjustment Bill.
Sen. Chris Larson (D- Milwaukee) said that Walker’s regime continues to display a pattern of partisan antics and bullying.
“The hue and cry of the public should have woken Walker,” said Larson. “Instead of awaking to the outrage being expressed across Wisconsin, he is sending a bounty hunter to impose his will.”
As each day passes this extremist governor grows more anxious that enough moderate Republicans will reach across the aisle and accept offers of compromise.
“The governor has a long pattern of intimidation, fake deadlines and manufacturing emergencies that worked when he was county executive, but he is on a different stage and is making it look like amateur hour,” said Larson. “Leadership is about the art of compromise, something this governor does not seem to understand.”
Sen. Larson said he has spoken with other Senate Democrats and that they remain united against Walker’s attack on workers’ rights and resolute against his bullying tactics.