July 19, 2011  
Sen. Larson Votes to Support Wisconsin’s Displaced Workers
Madison – Senator Chris Larson (D–Milwaukee) voted today to extend unemployment benefits in Wisconsin in order to help Wisconsin workers while they continue looking for jobs during these tough economic times.
After weeks of pressure from people across Wisconsin and Democratic legislators, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald finally agreed to allow the Senate to vote on extending unemployment benefits.
“Our winning efforts to get this vote scheduled and pass this extension, means that the people who were knocked down by this economic crisis will continue to have the support they need to get back up on their feet again,” said Sen. Larson.
The simple legislative change proposed in Senate Bill 147 and adopted by the Senate will allow Wisconsin to capture nearly $90 million from the federal government to extend unemployment benefits in the state. These funds would not need to be repaid to the federal government.
Senate Democrats also introduced an amendment, which ultimately passed, to remove a provision from the Republican’s backwards budget that punished workers for losing their jobs by imposing an arbitrary one week delay on receiving unemployment benefits.
“There is no question that extending unemployment benefits is paramount for our communities,” said Sen. Larson. “The passage of this legislation will help to ensure that our neighbors don’t lose hope and financial stability while they are looking for jobs.”
In addition to providing displaced workers with more time to search for jobs, Senate Bill 147 will also benefit our state and local economies.
“This legislation will inject another $90 million into our state, providing our local economies with a much-needed shot of adrenaline,” said Sen. Larson.