February 1, 2011
Sen. Larson Reacts to Governor’s State of the State Address
Governor Speaking to Special Interests Not Wisconsin Citizens
Madison – Sen. Chris Larson (D- Milwaukee) was in attendance as Governor Walker delivered his first State of the State Address today.
Sen. Larson expressed concern over the January 2011 Special Session, which was largely discussed in the governor’s address.
“Unfortunately, the governor has missed a tremendous opportunity to move Wisconsin’s economy forward,” said Larson. “Instead we are in a Special Interest Session focused on narrow partisan legislation.”
Sen. Larson pointed to Special Session Senate Bill 1, recently passed legislation that greatly reduces legal rights of victims, and also to Special Session Senate Bill 10, which opens the door to destroying Wisconsin’s wetlands.
“In his first four weeks, the governor has placed the needs of special interests, including insurance companies, over Wisconsin families,” said Larson. “This is evident by his request to create legislation preventing victims and their families from obtaining justice against negligent corporations and manufacturers. He has also pushed for the passage of Special Session Senate Bill 10, which is nothing more than a sweetheart deal for one developer.”
The governor also took time in his address to discuss the state’s overall deficit and once again pledged to cut vital state services.
“The governor’s agenda will mean drastic reductions in key state services. I find it especially troubling that education was not even mentioned,” said Larson. “My community and neighbors are concerned that these dramatic cuts to education, public transportation and public safety will harm families and prolong the impacts of this recession.”
Sen. Larson concluded saying, “The governor tonight said that he is ready to move beyond rhetoric to reality. It is my hope that he is also prepared to move past partisanship and work to help the middle class.”