March 18, 2011
Sen. Larson Praises Judge’s Order Barring Implementation of Anti-Worker Law
Madison – Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi issued a temporary restraining order today barring the publication of a recently-passed law that strips away rights of Wisconsin’s workers.
Last week, Republicans forced passage of budget adjustment legislation despite concerns that their actions violated Wisconsin’s Open Meetings laws.
“I commend Judge Sumi for her impartial decision to follow the letter of the law,” said Sen. Chris Larson (D–Milwaukee).
Sen. Larson also encouraged Senate Republicans to take a moment of pause and reconsider pursuing the governor’s attack on the middle class.
“This may give Republican legislators a second chance to listen to the people of Wisconsin,” said Sen. Larson. “I encourage them to keep our state moving forward by accepting the financial concessions and halting the governor’s mean-spirited attack on workers’ rights.”