February 25, 2011


Sen. Larson Condemns Budget Adjustment Bill’s Passage in Assembly

Madison – Sen. Chris Larson (D- Milwaukee) released this statement following the Assembly’s passage of the Budget Adjustment Bill early this morning.
“While the votes cast by the majority of Republicans in the Assembly are unfortunate, there are two things that should be highlighted.
The first is that four Republican representatives cast their votes against this backwards legislation. It can be difficult to break rank, and I greatly respect them for taking a stand against this bill and representing the best interests of Wisconsin.
The second item to note is that Republican leadership voted and passed this detrimental legislation before allowing all representatives to cast their votes. This action is an affront to democracy. It also demonstrates that whether minority Democratic legislators are present or not, the Republican majority’s agenda is to simply ram this legislation through without our votes being counted.
I remain hopeful that Republicans in the Senate will stand up for themselves and Wisconsin, rather than supporting the political agenda of this divisive governor and rubber-stamping this horrible legislation. The passage of this bill would send Wisconsin’s history of protecting its workers back decades, will allow for the no-bid sale of valuable state assets, and puts our Medicaid and SeniorCare programs at risk.”