June, 16 2011​
Republicans Rubberstamp Governor Walker’s Corporate Giveaway Budget
Madison – Senate Republicans followed the Assembly’s lead by rubberstamping Governor Walker’s attack on middle-class families today.
The Republican budget increased spending by over $1 billion compared to the last budget, raised taxes and fees by over $180 million, and raided $411 million from segregated funds. These irresponsible actions are moving Wisconsin in the wrong direction and it will take years to correct the damage that has been done.
“Republicans broke countless promises today by passing this horrendous budget,” said Sen. Chris Larson (D–Milwaukee). “Not only did they increase spending and raise taxes, but they did it on the backs of Wisconsin workers, middle-class families, children and seniors.”
Republicans used this budget as an opportunity to cuts billions in funding for neighborhood schools, life-saving health care programs, and crucial public transit in order to finance massive corporate giveaways and buy off special interests.
“With this budget, Republicans have mortgaged our children’s future by cutting $1.6 billion in education funding in order to give away $2.3 billion in corporate tax breaks and loopholes,” said Sen. Larson.
Senate Democrats introduced budget amendments to halt the assault on Wisconsin’s middle-class and working families and invest in the programs people value statewide including: quality schools, access to affordable health care, supporting public transit and creating well-paying jobs.
“This budget fails Wisconsin and is a devastating reminder of what is at stake in our state,” said Sen. Larson. “The people of Wisconsin are engaged and angry like never before. This backwards budget will be remembered when regular citizens seek to hold Republicans accountable for their broken promises and misplaced priorities.”