March 10, 2011
Governor’s Power Grab Bill Passes
Madison – Today Governor Walker’s rubberstamp Legislature passed a bill reversing 50 years of labor cooperation in Wisconsin and igniting a call for political change in the Capitol.
“Walker and his Republican legislators have laid all of their cards on the table and exposed their deception,” said Sen. Chris Larson (D–Milwaukee). “They lied every time they said this bill was about budget or fiscal necessity. In truth, it is a clear attack on the middle class and a giant giveaway to big business.” 
The debate over this legislation is far from over, as this fight continues in the courtroom and at the ballot box. People across Wisconsin are now aware that this governor and his rubberstamp Legislature are absolutely unwilling to listen to them and are quickly destroying the Wisconsin that we love.
“Walker’s Wisconsin is a land of less opportunity,” said Larson. “The governor’s special interest agenda has divided our state like never before and if left unchecked threatens the very fabric of our communities.”