March 9, 2011
GOP Turns Back on Middle Class
Madison – Senate Republicans answered the Koch brothers’ call tonight, ignoring the pleas of hundreds of thousands across Wisconsin as they raced from a rushed Conference Committee to jam through a bill that strips workers of their right to bargain. The bill ends Wisconsin’s proud 50-year tradition of working with labor.
Sen. Chris Larson (D–Milwaukee) was outraged that Senate Republicans would resort to such divisive tactics and ignore the majority of Wisconsinites by conducting a vote on legislation that strips Wisconsin’s workers of their rights amidst negotiations aimed at moving the state forward through reaching a compromise on the Budget Adjustment Bill.
“It is unconscionable that Senate Republicans would opt to utilize deceitful tactics aimed at furthering their political agenda rather than continue negotiations to arrive at a compromise that is in the best interest of our state and its workers,” said Larson.
By their own argument and action, Republicans have shorn away all pretenses that the passage of this bill was anything other than an attack on Wisconsin’s working families. This deception was revealed when they chose to pass the bill without the fiscal items the governor initially said were vital to the legislation.
“All hopes of finding a bipartisan middle ground have been shattered by the actions of these false-hearted Senate Republicans,” said Larson. “I can only hope that their motivation and actions are crystal clear to every person across our great state and that this Republican assault on the middle class is remembered.”  
The debate over this legislation is far from over, as it is expected to extend from our courtrooms to the ballot box, as Wisconsinites take action against the gross overreaching of the Walker regime and his rubberstamp Legislature.