February 2, 2011
Education Changes Bring Uncertainty to Wisconsin Schools
Madison – Sen. Chris Larson (D- Milwaukee) voted against legislation today that brings uncertainty to Wisconsin schools. Senate Bill 2 will make it nearly impossible for schools to plan their budgets and adequately staff classrooms.
“I support the right of parents to choose the best educational opportunity for their children,” said Larson. “However, this legislation creates uncertainty for families that choose to place their children in public schools. Our neighborhood schools must have the ability to budget and hire quality staff.”
Many of Sen. Larson’s neighbors also opposed this bill. “I’ve heard from superintendents, teachers and families about how this legislation would affect them and hurt our community schools,” said Larson.
Sen. Larson worked to change the language of Senate Bill 2 by introducing an amendment ensuring that public schools can adequately plan, while also allowing more flexibility for families looking to depart the traditional school setting.
“Without changes to this legislation, school districts like MPS could face devastating cuts that result in diminished educational opportunities for our children,” said Larson.
Senate Bill 2 passed the Senate today, but has yet to reach the Assembly Floor for a vote.