July 1, 2011
Backwards Budget Goes Into Effect Today
Republicans Balanced Budget on Backs of Children to Fund Corporate Tax Breaks, Special Interest Giveaways
Madison – The Republican’s backwards budget went into effect today. Sen. Chris Larson (D–Milwaukee) criticized the irresponsible document drafted by Governor Walker and rubberstamped by Republican legislators that places corporate tax breaks and special interests above crucial services, including education.
“I do not know anyone who would trade in their child's education just to have a wider road,” said Sen. Larson. “Unfortunately, that is exactly what this Republican budget does by prioritizing special interests over our children’s future.”
Local schools face substantial cuts of $1.6 billion under this recently implemented budget. These decimating cuts are expected to be especially detrimental to children in Milwaukee and the surrounding area. In Sen. Larson’s community, education funding for children has been cut by $1,021 per pupil on average and over $185 million throughout local school districts.
“Unfortunately, the damage that will be done by this budget is irreversible,” said Sen. Larson. “Our children only have one shot at early education and developing the skills they need to succeed.”
This anti-education budget also completely eliminates funding for many essential school programs including P-5 grants, Advanced Placement and nursing service grants, while also cutting funding for programs such as school library aids and Head Start.
In addition to the staggering cuts to K-12 education, the current budget is crippling to our university system and technical colleges, which play a vital role in ensuring our neighbors can get the training they need to secure good jobs.
“The next generation should have the same or better educational opportunities than we enjoyed,” said Sen. Larson. “These devastating cuts break that promise by limiting our children’s education and ability to succeed.”