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Special Action Alert!

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A Capitol Update from State Senator Chris Larson 

Dear Wisconsin Neighbor,

Legislative Republicans are attempting to subvert the will of the people of Wisconsin. Call your legislators and tell them "no on the lame duck session."

Wisconsin voted for change on November 6th, not more partisan tricks and gimmicks. Tell them to leave the powers of the Governor and Attorney Generals' offices alone. It's time to abandoned the 'sour- grapes session" and allow Tony Evers and Josh Kaul to govern.

 In Service, 


Chris Larson 
State Senator
7th District


Call Your Legislators!
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If Republicans get their way, they will limit the power of both Governor-elect Evers and Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul, limit early voting for some municipalities, and move the 2020 Presidential Primary in order to help their preferred Supreme Court candidate with his election. 

Call your elected officials and tell them enough is enough. It is time to end the partisan games and divide and conquer politics that we have seen over the last eight years.    

Here is a Summary of the Bills:

AB-1069 Highway Projects: This bill effects how money is allocated and spent regarding major highway projects. This bill would also flip the funding mechanism for these projects in order to not pay the "prevailing wage" to workers. This bill would also allow these highway projects to avoid environmental protections.



AB-1070 State Agency Composition: This bill is just chock full of bad ideas. The most egregious of which is stripping powers away from Attorney general-elect Kaul and Governor-elect Evers. 

This bill would allow lawmakers to replace the Attorney General with their own lawyers in key cases, require lawmakers to sign off on court settlements, give lawmakers (instead of the Attorney General) control over how to spend court settlements, and eliminating the Solicitor General's office that handles high-profile cases from the Attorney General's office.

This bill would strip Governor-elect Evers of his power to appoint the chair of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and cement Republican control of WEDC and it takes away Governor-elect Evers' administration and agencies rule-making authority and gives that power to lawmakers. I encourage you to to read through this bill to get a sense of what they are all trying to cram through.    

This bill would also cement laws around Wisconsin's restrictive voter ID laws so that they can not be altered administratively.


AB-1071 Presidential Primary: This bill would move the presidential primary to the second Tuesday in March. Legislative republicans are on record as saying that this move would help their preferred candidate win his Supreme Court race that spring. We have heard from county clerks all over Wisconsin and the consensus is that this change is not only going to be extremely costly (upwards of $7 million) but it would be almost impossible to administer. With their limited staff & resources Wisconsin clerks could not administer three elections in three months.

This bill would also limit the amount of time municipalities would have to conduct early voting. Limiting early voting has already been struck down by the courts and this attempt to re-litigate this issue is unnecessary. 


AB-1072 Federal Government Waivers: This bill would make it impossible for Governor Evers to rollback the waivers put in place by Governor Walker that put up unnecessary barriers for our neighbors to receive the assistance programs that they they are qualified for.


AB-1073 Legislative Power and Duties: This omnibus bill contains almost all of the provisions laid out in the above bills. It is unclear if Republican leaders are planing on taking up each of the above bills individually or attempt to pass this "catch all" legislation.



If this is the agenda that they wish to pursue, then they should wait until the next governor is seated so that he has a say. Otherwise, it is clearly just putting party over people. 


Call your legislators at 1-800-362-9472 and tell them no to the lame duck session!