MADISON – Today, May 3, 2017, the Senate Committee on Public Benefits, Licensing and State-Federal Relations held an executive session on 2017 Senate Bills 108 and 109, bills which undermine important consumer health and safety standards and jeopardize business and economic development.

 Wisconsin State Senator LaTonya Johnson (D – Milwaukee) – the ranking Democratic member on the committee – released the following statement regarding passage of the bills:

 “These bills, which deregulate Wisconsin’s cosmetology professions, place consumers at risk of contracting infectious diseases or receiving painful burns and scarring due to improper styling techniques. Beyond eliminating the basic requirement of continuing education for these professionals, these proposals remove the requirement that instructors of cosmetology are even licensed to teach in their field. This will lead to the spread of bad practices, multiply the potential for harm to the public, and particularly impact women who are the largest consumers of these services. 

 “Already this session, we have seen other professions asking the legislature to implement continuing education to increase the legitimacy and standards of those in their profession – and yet here we are today, recklessly undermining a profession that regularly comes into physical contact with their customers’ skin and bodily fluids.  These bills are bad public policy and they are bad for the citizens of the state of Wisconsin.”


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