MADISON – Today, Wisconsin State Senator LaTonya Johnson (D – Milwaukee) joined her Democratic colleagues and community leaders to announce legislation regarding law enforcement use of force, with the goal of reducing incidents of officer-involved deaths and increasing safety for everyone in the community.

 As the lead Senate author of the legislative package, she released the following statement:

 “The names of Dontre Hamilton, Sylville Smith, and Jay Anderson are all too familiar in Milwaukee and for all of the wrong reasons. The images of our city literally on fire, police in riot gear, and families in pain and despair remain all too fresh in the mind of Milwaukee communities.

 “While these images – and the circumstances that led to them – did not develop overnight, I believe there are steps we can and must take can begin to repair this damage.

 “Therefore, I am proud to stand with my colleagues and my community in introducing legislation that will better protect the public while also better protecting law enforcement in Milwaukee and across our state.

 “This legislation represents a positive step towards rebuilding community – police relations, avoiding costly lawsuits, and preventing the tragic and unnecessary loss of life across all of our communities.”



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