Useful Resources for Those Impacted by COVID-19

This page is intended to provide a host of resources that may be useful to businesses and individuals who are economically suffering as a result of the response to COVID-19.

While not exhaustive, the resources here range from rental support to small business assistance and everything in between. The page will be updated as relevant information becomes available. If you need direct assistance from my office, my staff and I are ready and willing to help.

Resources for Individuals

Here you will find helpful information for a range of public programs and resources offered to individuals by the state and the federal government and non-profit organizations. Each link is accompanied by a brief description.

Rental Assistance

For those seeking assistance paying rent or facing eviction, there are a number of resources available based on your individual circumstances:

  • The federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers a directory for public housing assistance based on city.
  • HUD also provides housing counselors to help people based on their individual situation.
  • The Department of Health Services (DHS) provides an overview of different housing assistance programs available in Wisconsin.
  • The tenant resource center has several useful links and also provides advocacy on behalf of renters facing eviction.
  • The Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Association (WHEDA) provides rental assistance information.
  • The Wisconsin Rental Assistance Program (WRAP) is available to assist renters who have experienced a significant loss of income due to COVID-19.
  • If you are Milwaukee County resident facing eviction, you could be eligible for up to $3,000 through the County's rent assistance program. Learn more and apply here.


Food Assistance

There are several resources for people facing difficulty paying for food. This link will take you to a portal where you can type in your address and other location information to find the closest food pantry.

FoodShare is a state program that provides funding for those who meet certain financial requirements. Here is more information about FoodShare and how to apply.

Internet Assistance

For those seeking internet assistance, the Federal Communications Commission offers Lifeline, a program that helps low-income individuals obtain internet and/or phone service. As a result of the pandemic the FCC is temporarily waiving usage requirements, recertification and reverification de-enrollment procedures, and general de-enrollment procedures until June 30. This page also includes links to determine eligibility and information on how to sign up.

The following link lists a number of companies committed to providing internet service at a significantly reduced cost for those with limited income or those suffering financially due to COVID-19.

Utilities Assistance

The state of Wisconsin offers the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program available for low-income individuals needing assistance to pay for utilities.

Unemployment Assistance

The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) is still struggling to manage a high volume of unemployment applications despite hiring more workers and additional support provided by the legislature. If you are facing long wait times and uncertainty over your unemployment insurance application, please contact my office and we will contact the department on your behalf.

Here is additional information from DWD regarding unemployment and frequently asked questions.

Healthcare Assistance

For those who need access to care but do not have employer sponsored coverage, BadgerCare Plus is available for those with limited financial means. Here is more information and how to apply. Medicaid is a joint state and federal program available for residents who meet certain eligibility requirements. Click here for more information on Medicaid in Wisconsin.

A new website,, connects Wisconsinites with free, expert help to get health coverage. Available in English, Spanish, and Hmong, helps put people in touch with assistance via phone from organizations like Covering Wisconsin and the United Way’s 211. It also includes information about how to access health insurance on, BadgerCare Plus, and more.

Childcare Assistance

With children out of school and many childcare facilities closed to reduce the spread of COVID-19, parents need help. Wisconsin Shares is a state program for parents needing assistance paying for childcare. Here you will find more information about Wisconsin Shares, eligibility requirements and how to apply for the program.

General Local Assistance

211 is a resource that can connect people with a wide range of non-profit and governmental resources in your specific area. Here is more information.

Waukesha County family resource directory