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Week of Feb. 19th - Feb. 25th

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There is a lot happening at the State Capitol and it is my hope that this email will help you stay in touch with your government. As your Senator, I truly believe in public service. If there is anything my office can do to assist you, please feel free to contact us.

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Sen. Lena Taylor

4th District


Black History Month Reception Tuesday this week, I attended the Black History Month Reception, hosted by the Black and Latino Caucus in the Capitol. The event was a chance for legislators, staff, and the public to fellowship over a meal.  We were fortunate this year to have the Milwaukee Kitchen Cabinet, which is a nationwide grassroots movement of restaurateurs committed to working closely with non-profits and elected officials to ensure restaurants serve as community hubs and local employment opportunities. We were joined by chefs from Milwaukee’s Point Burger Bar, Calderone Club, Chophouse, and BelAir Cantina. Thank you to the chefs and everyone that stopped by!




Senate Session Marathon Tuesday, the Senate was in session and voted on nearly 90 bills and resolutions that covered issues from firearms straw purchases to sales of reformulated gas.  Five bills and one Joint Resolution that I co-authored;  Senate Joint Resolution 102 (proclaiming February as Black History Month in Wisconsin), SB 615, SB 680, AB 539, AB 552 and AB 653 were passed during the nearly 9 hour session. 

SB 615 – creates an ability to grant vocational training certificates to residents while incarcerated, assisting them to better find employment upon release

SB 680 – returns oversight of the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts back to Milwaukee County

AB 539 – creates a mechanism to bring a community closer to the process of choosing an appropriate residence for a sexually violent person returning to the community

AB 552 - expands on the types of military service that qualify an individual to be a member the Red Arrow Club.

AB 653 - requires facilities that perform mammography examinations to provide certain patients with information regarding dense breast tissue.


Special Session Bills Tuesday’s session, the Republican-controlled Senate approved nine of Governor Walker’s bills that dramatically alter how low-income individuals and families access public assistance programs. For example, one bill forces a family to choose between putting food on the table and having reliable transportation, by putting a cap on an individual’s assets or limiting how much a family’s car could be worth.  These bills create barriers to some of our most vulnerable residents, who need a helping hand.  Simply put, the idea that those who are accessing state assistance are not going through a hard time or are comfortable with their financial situation it ridiculous. All evidence-based studies on the efficacy of welfare programs show that Governor Walker’s reforms will hurt people and it pains me to see this misguided legislation make its way to the Governor’s desk. 


Change is Coming.... Wednesday, the Assembly passed AB 953, a bill that includes many changes to our state’s juvenile corrections system.  The bill, which would close Lincoln Hills as a juvenile corrections facility,  is the result of a lengthy process of bipartisan comprise and work to regionalize the way we provide services to youth who have made mistakes.  The bill will allow Milwaukee’s youth to complete placements in Milwaukee, providing more opportunity for family engagement and a reduction in recidivism. 

As with any negotiation, the bill does not include every change I wish to make to juvenile justice.  Others in the community have also voiced apprehensions that the bill doesn’t do enough or provide the changes they wanted to see.  I met with representatives of Youth Justice Milwaukee (YJM), to hear their concerns and update them on the work done on the bill to date.  This bill is a starting point.  It takes definite steps to provide safer placements for juveniles in detention and right-size corrections strategies that encourage rehabilitation.  As we move forward, I will certainly work to engage the input and considerations of the community.


Infamous Mothers Saturday, I will have the honor of being the keynote speaker for the Infamous Mothers Talkback Conference. Infamous Mothers is an amazing organization that works with women who have become mothers at the margins of society, often having experienced injustices at the hands our own societies institutions or in circumstances beyond their control. These women aim to overcome the environment they experienced motherhood in by empowering each other with their experiences, engaging in activism and education, and changing the narrative that surrounds women whose motherhood society frowns upon. Infamous Mothers raise money for their efforts by selling socially conscious apparel, producing publications, and leading workshops around the community. My comments will center on my work to pass a bill that would restrict the shackling of pregnant and postpartum women in a correctional institution.


SistaLuv on Saturday, I will have the opportunity to take part in a Round Table Event for the SistaLuv organization. SistaLuv is a Christian based girls organization that provides a safe haven for young women who meet to help one another accept the role God has given them to play, and then give their blessings back to the community outreach and service. I spoke with girls aged 10-18 about the struggles we see individuals have with addiction in our community, and the importance of mental wholeness.

I am always amazed at the maturity and perspective of our young people who have already taken it upon themselves to be proactive about dealing with issues such as addition in our community. It will be a privilege to be able to offer them my own perspective on the issue of addiction, and the importance of a holistic approach to recovery.


Women in Politics Panel Thursday, my office participated in a panel discussion on Women in Politics Panel with the Gender Equity Club and students at East High School in Madison. Panelists discussed how they got their start in politics, their struggles, and the role of race, gender and disabilities in their involvement.  The event was a student hosted discussion, with moderators and questions solely from the students. 

As the 20th woman to hold a senate seat in the state of Wisconsin, the representation of both African Americans and women in politics is incredibly important to me. In the Wisconsin Legislature, there are 9 women in the 33-member Senate and 22 women in the 99-member Assembly currently serving. On a federal level, as of 2017, there are only 21 females in the 100-member senate and 83 females in the 435-member House of Representatives.

This under-representation marginalizes our voice on in the issues impacting our state and country. As a community, we must encourage all women to run for office, apply for legislative staff positions and become a part of the process.  With the rise of various social movement for female empowerment, such as the Woman’s March and #MeToo, we are seeing record numbers of women taking their seat at the political table.


Banner Preparatory School Visit, I had the honor of talking to high school students at Banner Preparatory School.  We discussed the many obstacles facing young people today and the need to remain focused on their education.  I shared my own experiences and choices as a student.  I listened as the students talked about what was important to them and what kept them awake at night.  Coming off the events of last week’s school shooting in Florida, sitting with these students reminded me of how fragile and strong these young people are at the same time.  I tried to offer words of encouragement, information to enhance their educational experience and advice to keep them engaged in school.  Most importantly, I wanted them to know that I am working for them, cheering them on and looking for ways to help them succeed.  I wanted them to know that I am in their corner and so are the many adults around them.



Algonquin Manor Senior Living of my favorite parts of being a Senator is meeting with the constituents. Nothing motivates me more than meeting with the people I am fighting for and whose lives my decisions impact every day. On Saturday, I am visiting with residents of Algonquin Manor Senior Apartments.  I’m looking forward to hearing their concerns, helping where I can and updating them on my work in the senate.  Whether it is information on resources and services for seniors, or visiting nursing homes to ensure quality of care, I am committed to the generations of residents who did the heavy lifting and laid a foundation on which many of us stand. Of Wisconsin’s nearly 6 million people, 16% are over the age of 65.


Good Luck Jordan!! of our team members, Jordan Krieger, is joining the office of newly elected Wisconsin State Senator Patty Schachtner.  Jordan has been an amazing asset to my office and will be missed.  We wish him every success in his new role!  (He’s the tall one in the back!)











Events and Opportunities



Teen Dating Violence Prevention

February 24th


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Mary Ryan Boys &     Girls Club

3000 N Sherman Blvd

Milwaukee, WI 53210


Event Details Here


Brown Deer Winter Market

February 24th 


10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Brown Deer Public Library

5600 W. Bradley Road

Milwaukee, WI 53223

Event Details Here


Morning Yoga at MCHS
February 26th

7:00 am - 7:45 am
Milwaukee County Historical Society
910 N. Old World Third Street
Milwaukee, WI 53203

Event Details Here


Nature Play presented by the Urban Ecology Center
February 26th

10:00 am - 11:30 am
Urban Ecology Center - Riverside Park
1500 E. Park Place
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Even Details Here


Brinn Labs Open House

March 1st


3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Brinn Labs

433 E. Stewart St.

Milwaukee, WI 53207


Event Details Here



 Quote of the Week:

"I just morally do not believe that we should be trying to penalize people who are hungry and in need" 

-Sen. Lena C. Taylor on Governor Walker's Special Session Assembly Bill 3 on toughening eligibility for the Wisconsin FoodShare program

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