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Sen. Lena Taylor

4th District


Bills, Bills, Bills

This Thursday two of my bills were heard by the Assembly. The first bill will amend an issue that has arisen around high school summer classes qualifying for state aid. Currently, only classes that directly fulfill high school graduation requirements may be reimbursed by the state. I’m aiming to change this to include health education, vocational education, language, and fine arts courses to qualify for state aid. A well-rounded education is one of the most valued aspects of our society, so we should not deny that simply by when someone takes a course. Thousands of students are not able to take the classes they desire, so this initiative will be a great way to kindle the minds of young people during summer, because allowing state aid for these classes will allow schools to be able to afford teaching supplementary courses year round.

The second bill will require the state superintendent to create an elective course for high schoolers that will educate them about the responsible use of firearms. I believe that this legislation will create a safer Wisconsin because it is naive to think that young people will never encounter guns, therefore we should make sure that everyone knows how to safely wield a weapon and understand that guns are not toys. Gun safety is extremely important in Wisconsin, both in and out of the big cities, where guns are held for very different reasons. By teaching children the level of responsibility that comes with holding a gun, we can reduce the amount of unneeded violence and deaths in Milwaukee that are caused by the misuse of firearms. Let’s keep our children and our families safe by making our last resort for gun ownership to be one of responsibility and vigilance around firearms.






This week I introduced my anti-shackling bill, which is a part of my work to ensure the humane treatment of those that are incarcerated and under the state’s care. Currently, there are no statutory guidelines on how to restrain pregnant and postpartum women. While our Department of Corrections does not shackle pregnant women, county and city governments do. Since 2011, at least 40 women have been shackled while giving birth in Milwaukee County. Shackling includes the use of a belly chain, which wraps around the mother’s stomach and connects to iron chains around the mother’s legs. This is even done at the objection of medical staff. This practice is simply barbaric. Shackling during birth can result in serious complications and puts both the safety of mother and child at risk. In addition to restricting this practice, my bill would also provide maternal health services to incarcerated pregnant women. These services, provided through a doula, can help save taxpayer money by reducing the need for costly medical interventions such as c-sections. It is time Wisconsin join the many states around the country that have outlawed this unsafe and dehumanizing practice.






This massive deal made between President Trump, Governor Walker, and Foxconn is something we need to approach with caution, so I am making sure that those in charge are not rushing through to close a deal that could potentially hurt thousands of Wisconsin residents. Creating jobs is important, but before we move forward, we must make sure that the jobs Foxconn promised are present and that they will be fair and accessible to all sorts of people. These next few weeks I will be looking carefully through the deal’s specifics to guarantee that no individual will be subject to unfair hiring practices and that jobs open to people without college educations are also open to people with criminal backgrounds. I will not let Walker’s war on poor people invade on people’s right to work. This is supposed to be a deal that helps the entire state, so we will go through every inch of this deal to make sure — and fight if we must — to make sure this is a safe, beneficial deal for EVERYONE.



Urban Ag

This week, I attended the first Urban Agriculture Summit Planning Meeting, where we have started to lay out a plan to get youth more involved in Urban Ag and Forestry within Milwaukee. Our goal is to bring Urban Ag into public schools, offering kids an alternative to get involved in their community in a physical and beneficial way. We have found that gardening and Urban Ag has been an incredibly successful tool to keep kids in school and get involved in their community, which we can thank Will Allen from “Growing Power” and Andre Lee Ellis from “We Got This” for all their incredible work getting kids involved in growing fruit trees in Milwaukee. By bringing in educational materials on Urban Ag, we can open up a way for students to expand their horizons and broaden their opportunities after school to generate forestry and Urban Ag jobs.




Practice Just Got Better With New Bucks Facility

This Thursday I took a tour of the brand new Milwaukee Bucks arena, and wow does it look great! I’m so excited for the grand opening of the new arena, and as a Milwaukee native and long-time Bucks fan, I think this arena is going to be a wonderful asset and attraction to our city. The arena will be a great tool for bringing Milwaukee together, including people from all walks of life who support a great franchise that represents our city. Keeping Milwaukee fun is always a top priority, and I think this will be a great way to engage our city and have a good time. Go Bucks!






Events and Opportunities






Dog Days of Summer


August 5th


Wisconsin Harley Davidson

1280 Blue Ribbon Drive

Oconomowoc WI

Bring your pups to this fun event or come adopt a little guy of your own!

More info here.






Bronzeville Cultural and Arts Festival

August 5th


435 W North Avenue Milwaukee WI

Come experience music and culture during the 5th annual Bronzeville week!

More info here.







Jazz Visions on the Lake

August 6th


200 N. Harbor Drive

Milwaukee WI

This free concert on the lake will showcase local jazz musicians.

More info here.







Food Truck Wednesday

August 9th


3700 W Milwaukee Rd

Milwaukee WI

Come enjoy some authentic Italian street food!

More info here.







Dance MKE Competition


August 8, 15, 22


929 N. Water St.

Milwaukee WI

Come watch Milwaukee's best dancers compete for prizes!

More info here.






 Quote of the Week:

"The American people deserve a government that solves problems together, regardless of party."

-Kamala Harris

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