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Sen. Lena Taylor

4th District

Permitless Carry Being Considered for Wisconsin

Itís troubling to think that Wisconsin could soon become a state where citizens can carry a firearm in a school zone with no training whatsoever. On Wednesday, I met with the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety to fight a proposal that would repeal training requirements and place an unfunded mandate on our schools. I have received thousands of letters and was proud to hear the many individuals who came to the capitol to testify on this issue. It was clear that many in our communities are concerned about reducing responsibilities for gun owners. This billís impact on the safety of our schools, hospitals, and other public places were key concerns of my constituents and those who testified. Despite this, GOP legislators seemed determined to follow lock step with the NRA agenda, whose representative claimed at the public hearing that guns have been a great equalizer for ďthe blacks.Ē As Justice Scalia has noted, the Second Amendment is not without limits. I will continue to fight for legislation that respects the right to bear arms and respects our duty to ensure the publicís safety.


Motions for Greater Economic Equality and Opportunity

I, along with other Democrats on the Joint Committee on Finance, made several motions to increase economic prosperity for Wisconsinites. One of my motions would increase the minimum wage, including increasing the tipped minimum wage from $2.33 an hour. While the GOP rejected our motions, I will never stop fighting for a brighter economic future for Wisconsin.


Parole Commission

In the latest budget, Governor Walker proposed to eliminate the Parole Commission. In its place, Walker wanted to have a single person at the Department of Corrections manage all current and future parole cases. I opposed this move. Even Republicans recognized this as bad policy, unfair, and unwise. Despite this, Republicans voted to reduce the Commission by half Ė to just four members. According to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, it would now take 15 years to address the needs of parole applicants. This is unacceptable and unfair. Each year, it costs taxpayers $30,000 to incarcerate an individual. I recognize that present parole process has its issues. It leaves people under the old law trapped, without a voice, and without opportunity. However, the Republicanís move to gut the Parole Commission and create a 15 year projection is just as unacceptable.



Since becoming Governor, Walker has refused to hear a single pardon application. Per the state constitution, people have a right to be considered for a pardon so their sentence is not a life sentence. That means Governor Walker is refusing to listen to Wisconsinites who have long ago served their time and want a clean slate.  On Wednesday, I offered a motion to create an independent pardon council. This council would be made up of nine members consisting of appeals court judges and the state public defender. Unfortunately, Republicans voted against my motion and for the status quo that denies access to Wisconsinites.





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 Quote of the Week:

"Let me make it clear, unlike my Republican colleagues I stand with the 91% of our people who support present training requirements, common sense safety measures, and keeping our communities safe."

-Sen. Lena Taylor on permitless concealed carry

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