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4th District

Getting the lead outImage result for lead pipes

No amount of lead is safe for our children. When we know that 8.6% of Milwaukee children tested had high lead blood levels and that there are over 70,000 plus lead laterals in Milwaukee, we know the solution: get the lead out.

This past week, Wisconsin’s business lobby came out against my bill SB 48 which would allow municipal water utilities to bill ratepayers to replace lead service lines between houses and water mains. This is absurd. This bill has received wide bipartisan support and will make it easier to fund lead replacement projects. I know WMC wants healthy businesses, but we cannot have a healthy economy if we don’t have a healthy community, and allowing our children and community to drink toxic water is hurting our future.

Image result for trump wisconsin visit 2017Trump visits Wisconsin, isn’t scared away by protestors this time

Frankly, I was surprised that President Trump was able to summon the courage to come to Wisconsin after being scared away by protestors last time. Trump talked about Buy America and Hire America, but this is coming from a man who’s known for the catchphrase “you’re fired.” If Trump wants us to buy America and hire America, he should take a look in the mirror and hold himself to his own standards. How many Trump brand products do you think are made in America, and how many more foreign workers does his family employ than Americans? He can talk all he wants, but the hard working people of Wisconsin won’t buy it until they see him walk the walk.

JFC finishes sixth and final public hearingImage may contain: 1 person, standing and phone

I had the privilege of traveling the state with the Joint Finance Committee the past few weeks to listen to concerns about the budget. We held the final three public hearings this week in Spooner, Ellsworth, and Marinette. I am delighted at the turnout we received and the passionate civic engagement from people like you. I heard people voice their views on important issues like retirement, drug treatment, agriculture, conservation, disability rights, education, and many more. The public hearings are over, but there’s still a chance to voice your concerns at a town hall on Monday April 24th at Mill Road Library from 5:30-7pm!

The Joint Committee on Finance will now make changes to the budget and vote on the final proposal before sending it to the Legislature. 

Republicans want Constitutional Convention

Republicans have been eager lately to vote on a Constitutional Convention that would allow them to change our nation’s founding document. You heard that right. We know the Republicans want to roll back our progress and take us back in time, but 1787 seems a bit extreme. But this is what they call for when proposing a Constitutional Convention. A Constitutional Convention would re-open our entire constitution to influence by special interests. This could very well upset 200 years of legal precedent that has formed the legal backbone of the civil rights movement in America. We need to limit the hyper-partisanship of our nation by listening to the needs of the American people rather than Republican legislators thirsty for even more power.

Image result for prison re-entryA Fresh Start – my new legislative package

I became a legislator to change our justice system after being a lawyer in it for under a decade. My next legislative installment, the Fresh Start Package, is a part of my continued effort to create that change. My bills are set to include voter rights restoration for reentering citizens, mandated notifications of these rights being restored, a cleanup of unnecessary, discriminatory information from CCAP, uniform collateral consequences of convictions, and certificates of qualified employment so that when you get out of prison, you can show the skills that you’ve developed.

When people talk about reentering citizens, they often talk about giving “second chances.” Candidly, I don’t like the phrase. People shouldn’t be limited to two chances. None of us would be where we are today if we had been given just two chances. With that in mind, I hope you’ll join me in opening your arms to reentering citizens and allow them the fresh start they deserve.

Earth Day

97% of scientists agree that global temperatures are rising and that climate change poses a serious threat to humanity. Let’s be real for a minute – when have 97% of a group of people agreed on anything? Climate change is a problem that affects each and every one of us. When sea levels rise, droughts intensify, and natural disasters become more common, our water and food resources become endangered. Whether your community is underwater or the farms that feed your family are dried up, you can guarantee that climate change will affect you.

Republicans, meanwhile, have a different “take” on climate change (that it’s not real). Republicans have always had a nasty history of promoting big business interests over the health of our communities, but Trump has taken this to a new low. Trump’s proposed budget slashes the Environmental Protection Agency’s spending by 31% and cuts 15,000 jobs from the agency. Thanks to these cuts, the EPA plans to eliminate two programs aimed at preventing children’s exposure to leaded paint. Apparently Trump is fine with a few kids getting lead poisoning so long as he can give the wealthy tax breaks. Trump has also signed an executive order effectively killing President Obama’s climate change efforts. But if he doesn’t want his Mar-a-Lago resort underwater in a few years, Trump should get on board with combating climate change. 

This Saturday April 22nd is Earth Day. Earth Day is a day for all of us to remember our responsibility to our planet and leave it in better condition than we received it. If you’re wondering how to do your part, this Saturday, April 22nd I’m hosting a community neighborhood clean-up day! We’ll take on the W. Hampton Ave. to W. Villard Ave. blocks as well as the N. Green Bay Ave to N. 24th St blocks from 9am to 12pm! When our water, our air, and our soil are clean and healthy, so are our communities. The planet we leave our great grandchildren will be our most important legacy.

Senator Taylor looking for interns!

Are you interested in learning more about the legislative process in Wisconsin? Do you want to know more about current issues and become more involved in the political process? Would you like to give back to your community?

 Senator Lena Taylor is seeking qualified individuals for internships in her Madison and Milwaukee offices. Internships are unpaid and focus on policy, communications, or casework. Send a cover letter and resume to Courtney Beyer ( if applying to intern in Madison, or Revelle Williams ( if applying to the Milwaukee office.






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Town Hall - I'll be hosting a town hall on the budget on Monday, April 24th at Mill Road Library from 5:30 to 7pm. Hope to see you there!


Earth Day Neighborhood Clean Up - For Earth Day next Saturday, we'll be cleaning up the W. Hampton Ave. to W. Villard Ave. blocks as well as the N. Green Bay Ave to N. 24th St blocks from 9am to 12pm! Join me in creating a better environment for our children and grandchildren!


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