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4th District

Time for action - Town Hall: Monday, April 24th

It's budget season. We've had agency briefings and public hearings. Now's the time for YOU to bring your thoughts, questions, and concerns! On Monday, April 24th at Mill Road Library at 6431 N 76th St, I’ll be hosting a town hall from 5:30 to 7pm!

Governor Walker has punted the ball on governing with this irresponsible budget. This budget is based on fake math, and even Republicans aren't rushing to defend it. We need to find solutions to the crises he ignored, like juvenile corrections, transportation infrastructure, student loan debt, and redirecting the pipeline from prison to college. We’ll also be talking about Lincoln Hills and Foster Care Awareness Month, as well as any concerns you as a constituent bring.

Have your voice heard and stay engaged by attending this town hall! You can RSVP and find more info on my Facebook event. I hope to see you there! Remember to stand up and fight back!

Does Walker want kids to spend less time in school?

A proposal buried deep in Governor Walker’s budget has been getting a lot of attention lately. That’s right. Walker wants to get rid of the minimum requirement for how many hours a student must spend in school learning every year.

Let’s be clear: this is a ridiculous idea. Walker claims school districts will have more freedom to innovate or invest in virtual learning, but he doesn’t acknowledge the long term effects of shortened hours. Wisconsin would be the first state without any guidelines for how long students must spend in the classroom. Most states require at least 180 school days, and Wisconsin currently mandates 1,050 instructional hours for elementary school students and at least 1,137 for middle and high school students. For underfunded schools in lower income communities that already have a difficult time keeping their doors open, this could be a death sentence. When it comes to education, less is NOT more.

We Wisconsinites have been dealing with Walker’s attacks on public schools for years. He slashed $782 million from public education funding in 2012 and in 2015 cut $250 million from the UW System. Now Walker is proposing increases in K-12 spending, but don’t be fooled - Walker is no fan of education! He knows he’ll have to defend his education cuts during reelection, and thinks this funding can persuade Wisconsinites that he’s doing good. The truth of the matter is – he isn’t. Remember that at the end of the day, Walker is more concerned about his reelection bid than your children’s education.

JFC removes non-fiscal items from budget, including seg fees opt-out

Last week, the Joint Committee on Finance removed 83 items from the budget that were identified as “non-fiscal,” meaning they were policy items that shouldn’t have been included in a budget. This is a good thing. These items had no place in the budget and will now have to be drafted as separate bills and voted on in the Legislature. One of the most talked about items in this budget, the ability for UW students to opt out of segregated fees, was taken out in this revision.

This is a huge win for students. Segregated fees support important organizations and services like EVOC (End Violence on Campus) and the Black Student Union. Whether they’re preventing violence or allowing black students to come together and create community within the campus, these organizations provide vital provisions. If the segregated fees currently going towards these many student organizations are cut in any future legislation, our students will be hurt. But we haven’t won the fight yet. We need to continue to fight against these attempts to harm our institutions of higher learning.  

Earth Day

97% of scientists agree that global temperatures are rising and that climate change poses a serious threat to humanity. Let’s be real for a minute – when have 97% of a group of people agreed on anything? Climate change is a problem that affects each and every one of us. When sea levels rise, droughts intensify, and natural disasters become more common, our water and food resources become endangered. Whether your community is underwater or the farms that feed your family are dried up, you can guarantee that climate change will affect you.

Republicans, meanwhile, have a different “take” on climate change (that it’s not real). Republicans have always had a nasty history of promoting big business interests over the health of our communities, but Trump has taken this to a new low. Trump’s proposed budget slashes the Environmental Protection Agency’s spending by 31% and cuts 15,000 jobs from the agency. Thanks to these cuts, the EPA plans to eliminate two programs aimed at preventing children’s exposure to leaded paint. Apparently Trump is fine with a few kids getting lead poisoning so long as he can give the wealthy tax breaks. Trump has also signed an executive order effectively killing President Obama’s climate change efforts. But if he doesn’t want his Mar-a-Lago resort underwater in a few years, Trump should get on board with combatting climate change. 

Next Saturday April 22nd is Earth Day. Earth Day is a day for all of us to remember our responsibility to our planet and leave it in better condition than we received it. If you’re wondering how to do your part, next Saturday, April 22nd I’m hosting a community neighborhood clean-up day! We’ll take on the W. Hampton Ave. to W. Villard Ave. blocks as well as the N. Green Bay Ave to N. 24th St blocks from 9am to 12pm! When our water, our air, and our soil are clean and healthy, so are our communities. The planet we leave our great grandchildren will be our most important legacy.





Events & Opportunities

Town Hall - I'll be hosting a town hall on the budget on Monday, April 24th at Mill Road Library from 5:30 to 7pm. Hope to see you there!


Earth Day Neighborhood Clean Up - For Earth Day next Saturday, we'll be cleaning up the W. Hampton Ave. to W. Villard Ave. blocks as well as the N. Green Bay Ave to N. 24th St blocks from 9am to 12pm! Join me in creating a better environment for our children and grandchildren!


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