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4th District

A grand finale to Black History Month

Black History Month ended with a bang. In a collaborative effort with NAACP, The Greater Urban League of Madison, and NPHC, the Legislative Black Caucus Black History Month’s final act this week was Lobby day at the State Capitol.

After spending a month talking about the issues important to the black community, we dedicated a day to turning those discussions into political action. With the issues of our community in mind, Representative Crowley, Representative Bowen, Representative Fields and I held workshops throughout the day on economic development, health, education, and criminal justice. Participants then listened to a presentation by the Legislative Council on how to successfully lobby their Legislator. Our group of newly-trained lobbyists spent the afternoon knocking on the doors of their Legislators, advocating for their community and the issues they care about.

Black History Month may be over, but here’s the thing – you don’t need a designated day or month to lobby your legislators. You can and should be loud and proud every day. Your voice has the power to create a better future for yourself and your children as long as you have the courage to fight. If you didn’t make it to Lobby Day this time, don’t worry, we’ll see you next year. In the meantime, be sure to call your legislators, stop by their office, and do whatever you can to make your voice heard!

More roadwork delays

In a new review released by his own administration, Gov. Scott Walker’s transportation plans are set to result in more congestion, deteriorating road conditions and decades of delayed projects. The plans will also force more money to be spent on temporary repairs as the state puts off major projects, according to a Department of Transportation memo written in January. This situation will only continue to get worse. Our roads are 4th worse in the nation. We can’t be playing games with our roads. We need results sooner rather than later. Call Governor Walker himself at 608-266-1212 to tell him that this is unacceptable!   

Only 1 in 5 black UWM students will graduate in 6 years

A report released Wednesday stated that the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee needs to, “get far more serious about success rates for their black students.” This is a problem that needs addressing, and looking at the statistics breaks my heart. The completion gap between black and white students is 24.3 percentage points, with black students graduating around 20% of the time. This needs to change, people. The first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have one. Unfortunately, this is not even a problem unique to UWM – minority graduation rate is low at many local colleges and universities. Our babies need us now more than ever. We need to invest in black children before and during college, and give them the tools to succeed. A proper path to graduation is one of those tools.  

Trump's pivot? Not so fast!

On Tuesday, President Trump delivered his first joint address to Congress in which he laid out his agenda for the coming session. Many people were shocked and even pleased by Trump's calmer tone, pointing out that he spent the first few moments of his speech condemning recent attacks on the Jewish community and last week's hate crime in Kansas City. Let's be real - this is not a "pivot." President Trump has not changed. While he condemned these attacks, he did not claim any responsibility for his role in inciting the hate that lead to and validate these attacks. Trump's recent actions on immigration and his continued plan to institute a Muslim travel ban prove that this is still the same Trump whose disregard for humanity should disturb us all. We need to continue to keep an eye on this administration and not be distracted.

Court watchdog turns into court lapdog

The judicial commission, an independent body created to conduct unbiased investigations of our state's judges, is being manipulated by the Walker administration. In his budget, Governor Walker proposed to place the judicial commission directly under the control of the state Supreme Court. This is huge. The judicial commission polices judicial ethics. Allowing the Supreme Court to control its own oversight board means that justices could have more sway over investigations, or even strip the commission of its funding and staff. Frankly, this is a watchdog being turned into a lapdog. Taking away the commission’s independence will just make the court more biased and rigged. This is the same Governor under which GAB was eliminated and the same Governor who shielded us from any John Doe investigation. We need to keep an eye on this administration which has been known to manipulate the system in its favor.

Time for Women's History Month!

Did you know that March is Wisconsin's Women History Month? Wisconsin has a lot of women leaders to be proud of, like Vel Phillips, the first woman and first African American elected in a statewide election as Secretary of State, or Ada Deer, the first woman to head the US Bureau of Indian Affairs and the first Native American woman from Wisconsin to run for US Congress! Check out to read more stories about the inspiring women who've lead our state.





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