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Sen. Lena Taylor

4th District

Be a #1 Vote FAAN this Tuesday!

This Tuesday, there’s an election with two races on the ballot for Superintendent of Public Instruction and Municipal Judge Branch 1. You can call toll-free at (866) 868-3947 to know where to vote, and you can see your ballot at

You’ll have to present a photo ID when you go to vote. This can be a Wisconsin DOT-issued driver license or identification card, a Military ID, or a US passport. Make sure you’re prepared before you go to the voting booth, you don’t want to be turned away! For more info on acceptable IDs, check out

Voting is critical. We face a lot of problems in our city. Milwaukee is the most segregated city in America. We have the highest incarceration rate of black men. 23,000 Milwaukeeans live in a food desert, and the infant mortality rate for black babies is three times higher than it is white for babies.

Historically, the February Primary is Wisconsin’s lowest-turnout election; but it doesn’t have to be! You don’t have to accept these circumstances. Be the change maker Milwaukee needs. All you have to do is go out and vote this Tuesday.

Governor Walker's Budget: $0 for Alternatives

On February 8th, Governor Scott Walker released his two-year state budget. Do you know how many pages and how much money he dedicated to creating new facilities in Milwaukee to solve our juvenile justice crisis? Zero! Did you know that it’s also been over two years since the state Department of Justice launched its criminal investigation of Lincoln Hills? I have called for a special session on the issue, but Governor Walker remains complacent. Two years is a long time. It is time to be held accountable, it is time for a call to action.

Chemical mismanagement endangers Milwaukee community

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported in a watchdog report this week that three plants in Wisconsin, part of Container Life Cycle Management, LLC (CLCM), are endangering the community with repeated conduct violations. The Mid America Milwaukee plant affiliated with CLCM is on the city’s north side, with family homes on the other side of the street. One violation reported that workers would regularly leave strong smelling drums outside to evaporate into the air before pouring them into a collection container, contaminating the neighborhood’s air. This is absolutely a public health crisis, and several retired workers of the Milwaukee plant have already reported health issues from smelling and handling dangerous chemicals. A Milwaukee man died at an explosion at a sister facility in 1984. Keeping Milwaukee safe needs to be a top priority, and these actions put many at risk.

Black History Month events coming to you!

Stay tuned for Black History Month events coming to your area February 20-24th! I will be hosting events in Milwaukee and Madison centered on criminal justice reform, and what we can do to combat the issues in our community. Stay up-to-date with all the event times on my Facebook page! I hope to see you there!

Movie Screenings: On Monday, we’ll be screening 13th, a Netflix documentary on legalized slavery in the criminal justice system, and on Friday, 53206, a film about the Milwaukee zip code 53206 and its high incarceration rate. These two films will open your eyes to the state of our criminal justice system! (Monday and Friday, 5:30pm at Wisconsin African American Women’s Center, and Monday and Friday, 12pm at 412 E, State Capitol)

Art Display: Art is a magical way to express oneself and heal. All week at the State Capitol, we’ll be displaying artwork from those who’ve been through the criminal justice system. (State Capitol – All week)

State of the Justice System presentation: On Tuesday, join me in a presentation on the current state of our criminal justice system! Come with your questions! (Tuesday at the Wisconsin African American Women’s Center, Milwaukee, 5:30pm)

Read-In: 80% of Milwaukee children are not reading at their grade level. Join me at Milwaukee Public Library as I read to children. This event is for people of all ages who love education and literacy! (Wednesday at the MLK Public Library, Milwaukee, 5:30pm)

DOC Workshop: Do you have questions about navigating the judiciary system? Come to our event to figure out how to file an inmate complaint, and find more information about expungement, parole, and pardons. (Wednesday at the Wisconsin African American Women’s Center, Milwaukee, 5:30pm).

DOC Presentation: Join us in a presentation with members of the DOC to discuss the current juvenile corrections path within the DOC. (Thursday at the Wisconsin African American Women’s Center, Milwaukee, 5:30pm).

Grow Academy Farmers Market: Come to the State Capitol to see first-hand the tools and skills our children at the Grow Academy have learned! Grow Academy is a great alternative to Lincoln Hills, and I’m so excited to share its work with everyone! (Thursday at the State Capitol, 11am)





Events & Opportunities

AgDiscovery – students aged 12-17 are encouraged to apply to this FREE summer enrichment program sponsored by the USDA. Participants will spend two weeks on a college campus learning about agriculture and animal sciences. The deadline is March 1st, find more information here:  

Page for a Day Program – do you know a young person interested in a unique opportunity to learn more about the state government process? Find more information on my Facebook page about the Page for a Day program!

Soar Women's Empowerment Summit - Get a fresh perspective February 23-25 at The SWES Summit! This summit is for women who are looking to foster business collaborations, network, and attend keynotes and panel discussions on entrepreneurship. Get tickets here.
































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 Quote of the Week:

"We are collective agents of history...that history cannot be deleted by web pages...The freedom struggles of black people that have shaped the very nature of this country's history cannot be deleted with the sweep of a hand."

-Angela Davis at the Women's March on Washington

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