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Sen. Lena Taylor

4th District

A special session on Lincoln Hills

Earlier this week, I renewed my call to Governor Scott Walker to hold a special legislative session to address the mismanagement and abuse at Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake School of juvenile correction. This is my second request. Governor Walker was non-responsive to my previous request last April. As I stated in my second letter, “The urgency of this situation cannot be understated…I’m requesting a special session because the kids in our juvenile corrections system need help now, not later.” I will continue to press Governor Walker until he acts on this situation; echoing to him his personal interest should have no place on his current political agenda. My constituents will be heard! My letters to the Governor can be read here.

Governor Walker sends irresponsible budget to legislature

This Wednesday, Governor Walker announced his 2017-2019 budget. Now, I've had a front seat to Walker's budgets since he was Milwaukee County Executive. This fiscal irresponsibility is nothing new. His budgets have always been about campaigning, not governing. He’s so focused on campaigning that he produces irresponsible budgets and leaves the real work for others. This budget is based on fake math, and it’s so bad that even Republicans aren’t rushing to defend it. I look forward to working with my fellow Democrats in the Joint Finance Committee to find solutions to the crises Governor Walker ignored, like juvenile corrections, transportation infrastructure, student loan debt, and redirecting the pipeline from prison to college.

Walker's tuition cut: unreal money

As part of his budget, Walker has proposed adding more than half a billion dollars in new spending for K-12 schools and to cut tuition 5 percent for students attending University of Wisconsin System campuses while also adding funding for the System.  The fact of the matter is we need a fully-funded UW. Maybe Walker should instead focus on reversing the $250 million in cuts he made two years ago. We all know that the new education spending is just a way for Walker to improve his approval rating as he seeks a third term. Governor Walker talks a really good talk, but I want him to walk the walk. I want him to replace the deep cuts that he has made to the UW system.

US Senate confirms Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

With the confirmation of Jeff Session as the new Attorney General of the U.S, Republicans have proven once again that not even the nation’s top law enforcement officer can be fair and impartial. Jeff Sessions has a history of voting against civil rights and has stated intentions to persecute nonexistent voter fraud. How can we trust this man to uphold justice and liberty for all?  The right to vote is the great equalizer.

Black History Month events coming soon!

Stay tuned for Black History Month events coming to your area February 20-24th! I will be hosting events in Milwaukee and Madison centered around criminal justice reform. Events will include movie screenings, panel discussions, and art displays, just to name a few. Stay up-to-date with events on my Facebook page! I hope to see you there!




Black History Month

Week 3 February 13-17
Health & Mental Health

Hosted By Rep. David Crowley
2/14: 11am @ State Capitol
2/15: 11am & 12pm @ State Capitol

Week 4 February 20-24
Criminal Justice

Hosted By Sen. Lena Taylor
2/20: 1pm @ State Capitol
2/24: 12pm @ State Capitol


Week 5 February 27-28
Divine Nine Lobby Day At The Capitol

Hosted By Black Caucus, NPHC, NAACP
RSVP on Facebook @ Divine Nine Day at the Capitol
9am-3:30pm @ State Capitol


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"The denial of access to the ballot box ultimately results in the denial of other fundamental rights. For it is only when the poor and disadvantaged are empowered that they are able to participate actively in the solutions to their own problems."

-Coretta Scott King;

letter to the members of the Judiciary Committee, 1986


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